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2013 Subaru Outback briefly wouldn’t start

Tried starting twice, but no sound at all, as though battery was dead. Lights worked. Radio worked. 45 minutes later it started normally. 90 minutes later, battery checked ok, and no engine error code# were found. Thoughts?

Ignition switch - wiggle the key back and forth a bit trying to start it. If it starts, replace the switch

Or neutral safety switch - try starting the car in neutral instead of park, if it starts replace or adjust the switch

Or starter solenoid - keep trying to start the car if it finally starts all of a sudden, it may be a worn and burned solenoid. Replace solenoid and maybe starter.

Adding to this, see if voltage is getting to the primary connector on the solenoid and work your way back, and it may help to keep tapping on things with a block of wood. You also can loosen (or unplug) and re-tighten connections.

We once had a similar starter issue that happened only rarely and everything always tested good, but one time it failed to crank when our son was in a remote area out of cell range. We installed remote starter wiring to the solenoid, terminating in a fuse and momentary switch in the glove box (fuse normally removed as a precaution). The problem gradually stopped occurring and we never knew the cause.

I had a similar problem with my 2015 Outback. The battery checked out ok when tested. After the second time I replaced the battery never occurred again.