Subaru - white smoke

Regarding the Subaru that blows smoke on circle ramps:

Tom & Ray - I can’t believe you didn’t know the right answer to this question. ALL Subaru’s do this! It’s not the valve guides, the blue smoke trail is WAY too large for that.

On a prolonged right turn, oil builds up in the left valve cover and then is sucked up through the PCV valve.

This can be confirmed by pulling off the PCV hose and finding it coated with oil on the inside. I replaced the PCV valve, but this did nothing to correct the problem.

Here are some tips on how to avoid this problem.

Shift down before entering the ramp.

Keep your speed down during the turn.

Most importantly, DO NOT let the accelerator return to the idle position during the turn. The increased vacuum exacerbates the problem.

The easiest way to cure this problem is to buy something besides a Subaru.

My old '76 Subaru used to suck transmission fluid through the vacuum assist port, and it made the same kind of smoke on acceleration.

Like the guy said above, get something besides a Subaru.