Subaru transmission install

2002 car has been sitting 2 years in worcester mass…needs transmission 3.0 liter…any help out there appreciated,helping find used one,someone to install…is it worth it??,

You don’t give year or how much other work this thing might need . You need to call transmission shops for real costs . It will have bad fuel that needs to be replaced , possible frozen brakes , weathered tires and maybe a coolant flush. This had better be cheap because you don’t sound like you can handle putting a unused vehicle back on the road without spending a wheel borrow full of hundred dollar bills.

thanks for feedback

Look up how much your car is worth (mileage, amount of rust, general condition) with a working transmission and then get an estimate for replacing the transmission. Don’t spend more on the transmission than the car is worth.

Worcester isn’t Tucson and many things can go wrong with a non-operating car stored that long in that (often humid) environment - you’ll want to give it a comprehensive evaluation before proceeding. For what you may need to put into it, see what similar money can get you in a well cared for car that’s been operated continuously, maybe even one that has had some big ticket parts replaced.

What I would be more concerned with is the ever present rust issue. There are all kinds of used transmissions on eBay but as with most used parts it’s a coin flip as to whether they are worth installing or not.
And yes I know salvage yards always say everything on the lot is in “good condition” when they have never driven the car the parts came out of.