Subaru P1498 code FYI

Recently got my first check engine/flashing cruise light on my ’05 Outback Sport (2.5 Impreza, 5 speed manual, 50K miles.) I purchased a basic code scanner (Actron CP9125) which displayed a P1498 code. Unfortunately, this is a manufacturer specific code and neither the book provided with the scanner or the Actron website was very helpful. I did find a reference by searching the internet at the autozone website and another at Innova ( in their DTC library telling me it was a low voltage to the EGR valve solenoid code. After checking all the wiring connectors I could get my hands on and removing and cleaning the valve I erased the code, restarted the engine, and the light came back on within half a block of driving. The best price I could find on a genuine Subaru valve was at; $146 and $6 for the gasket. (I found reference to a EGR solenoid for around $80 but was unable to verify exactly what it looked like since there was no picture on the diagram.) It’s now been over a week since replacing the valve and my check engine light has not reappeared. I’ll update this post should anything happen in the future.