Subaru: Outback vs Legacy

Hi All,

Can anybody clarify what makes Subaru Outback higher (in respect to ground clearance) than Subaru Legacy: wheels, tires, suspension, something else? Are these parts interchangable between Outback and Legacy?

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The difference is suspension parts, tires, and wheels as suspected. These parts are full interchangable Legacy<>Outback if within the same model years family.

Many thanks, Andrew_j for your answer. What do you think about increasing of ground clearance by that way? Whould it be possible and safety provided that everything done properly?

I have heard most people lower Outback’s not raise Legacy’s.

Ask for the definitive answers, they live and breath them.

Thanks for reference.

Before spending money on this project, check the specs on the two vehicles. The difference in ground clearance may not be enough to justify the cost. The most cost-effective thing would be to buy slightly larger diameter tires when your current ones wear out.