1997 Subaru Outback intermittently stalls

Intermittant stalling issues, have replaced fuel pump cam and crank sensors. HELP!

Diagnosis needed: when it stalls, is it no fuel or is it no spark? Find out, then proceed. Good luck and please let us know what is found.

I was going to suggest the crank sensor as a possible source of the problem, but since you have replaced it… quien sabe!

It would be very surprising if the Check Engine Light didn’t light-up when this problem occurs, but you didn’t mention it. If the CEL has gone on, then you need to have the stored trouble codes “read”–for free–at an auto parts store. The code(s) should help to guide you to a diagnosis.

Hi folks, well after I set up my account. I tapped the air flow sensor and the car stalled. I have ordered one and it will be here today. I PERHAPS will replace the T.P.S. as the critter has 200k ++ miles on the ticker. I
just drove the unit about 5 miles and it starting acting up after a short HOT soak. stall but it I kept the RPM up 1400 or so ok when I let it return to idle area then STALL ugh!!! Jim the frustrated wrench… Yes I am a auto tech but
G.M. domestic oriented mostly… SI!!!

Intermittent problems can be difficult and odd things can cause them. Fuel starvation: dirty fuel filter or junk in the tank (more of a problem before tanks were locked). Water in tank (haven’t heard of this in a long time). Check fuel line pressure at the injectors, regulators can fail. Check the air filter while you’re at it (more likely to cause low power, though). New parts can be faulty, so confirm they’re working.

While you’re at it, inspect the vacuum hoses for leaks or brittleness.

Ignition: look for bad contacts and loose or broken wires, tap and wiggle things (cautiously, consider poking with a short length of garden hose when near moving mechanisms) while the car is idling and safely constrained (brakes on, wheels chocked, etc.) You can try unplugging & inspecting connectors associated with ignition and engine control (when engine off, of course) these can become dirty or oxidized and sometimes disconnecting/reconnecting will clear a problem. You can loosen and retighten wire connections, too. Consider applying contact protective coatings where appropriate.

Thanks I will keep you folks posted

Hi Ken, I replaced the M.A.F. sensor… so far it is working… I tapped the O.E.M. sensor lightly and the car stalled. The new one has been running about a week with no problems fingers and toes are CROSSED thanks Jim

a new M.A.F. sensor appears seems to have fixed it. the old sensor with the engine running I tapped on it lightly and the engine stalled.

a new M.A.F. sensor appears to have fixed it. I lightly tapped on the old sensor and the engine stalled… new sensor OK so far fingers and toes crossed. Maybe my eyes also???

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Is that where the Lone Ranger got the term kimo-sabe from? :wink:

That’s good news. Apologize for the late response, I found this slumming in my SPAM folder. k