2004 Subaru Outback Sport - Transmission problem/tow truck only two wheels

My 2004 Subaru Outback Sport (automatic) with 43k and “by the book” maintenance was towed by its front wheels for 3 miles! It seems to drive, turn, and shift okay. What do I need to do to make sure that it is actually okay? Would a fluid change help? I am doomed to have to pay for an $$$$ repair job. Please help! :slight_smile:

Hang onto your tow slip in case you end up with clutch pack issues. The clutch pack within the transmission and does the power transfer front and rear wheels.

Not sure with automatics how they fare usually. I know this kind of tow is determental to manual transmission Subaru’s as the center coupling is mechanical.

What kind of tow outfit did this? The professionals use a book/guide based on car type before attempting something like this.

Did whoever towed it insert a fuse in the FWD receptacle under the hood, thereby disabling the all wheel drive?

At what speed was the car towed?

Three miles isn’t far, but a Subaru shouldn’t be towed three feet with only two wheels on the ground.

The AWD clutch pack probably took the brunt of the damage. The clutch pack is in the transmission. A transmission fluid change is probably a good idea.

My daughter had called AAA for a tow. She questioned the guy about the method a couple of times, but he insisted that it was okay.

AAA will likely back up the tow damages if any. The tow company is on the hook but AAA is the front for it. Make sure you let AAA know this occurred.

Sadly, I don’t think that the AWD was disabled. It was towed at less than 25mph.
Is there a way to check the clutch pack? How expensive would it be to replace? Will a complete transmission flush cause any damage or should I just have it changed?

Thanks for your help!

Have you contacted a local Subaru dealer about this to evaluate your vehicle?

The clutch pack if damaged runs about $750-$1000 to replace.

I don’t believe changing the transmission fluid will make any difference. However never could hurt either.