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2016 Subaru Outback - Won't let go of ke - Unless it's at the dealer

I have a 2016 Subaru OutBack,I also have the problem
With getting the key out of the ingnition.
I try turning the wheel,moving the gear shift,pushing key in as far as I can,like the previous complaint it takes sometimes as much as ten minutes to get the key out of the ingnition.I took it to the dealership of course it did not act up when they checked it out,
I was told the tumblers may need to be replaced at a cost of approximately $500.00 …I feel this is not my problem but obviously a mechanical cliche that needs to be addressed by Subura,
Since I have seen numberous complaints about the same
problem perhaps this needs a recall to correct the problem
and keep Subura on the top of best selling vehicles…

Elevate your complaint as shown in your owners manual. Keep any and all documentation of your complaint made to the dealer and their response.

One question though, do you have a lot of keys or other things that add weight on your key ring? This might affect your key problem.

I’ve been wondering lately if the “Only acts up when I’m not at dealer” syndrome might be helped by Skype, What’s App Video chat, or Facetime with a dealer service associate the problem occurs. They could see and chat with you in real time. Might be helpful here, since your problem occurs when parked.

It’s probably in the tumblers. They’re a wear item affected by the number of key cycles, the weight of the keychain, and so on.

Many people also expect a Recall to be issued when there is a problem they have to pay for. It doesn’t work that way.