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Subaru Outback in Accident

Are there any statistics showing whether a repaired Subaru Outback/07/6 cylinder has a good track record after an accident repair. I was hit on the front left tire and the estimate is $13-15K to repair. The insurance co offered me $17K to walk away(same price as NADA/KBB) Help…not sure what to do.

I would take the 17K and walk away. It’s a no-brainer.

Take the money. Walk away. That much damage is bound to leave the car forever changed.

We’re guessing at the damage, and will probably assume the worst. I’d guess that your left front tire is where the engine used to be. You basically need a new front end, engine, and drive train. The frame needs to be straightened, and that is a big problem. It really doesn’t have a frame, but a unibody. It has to be pulled on the 4 corners to get it straight, and it might not work. Without knowing more, I’d take the money and buy another. BTW, $17,000 should be enough to buy a comparable vehicle from the dealer That’s another good reason to take it.

I also would take the money. Far too much to repair.