Subaru Outback head gasket

At 98,000, my 2001, bought new, gasket blew. I’ve heard this is a big problem with the 4cyl. I’ve also heard that Subaru has paid for some repairs. I’m hoping they’ll reimburse me. Any suggestions?

Good luck and Subarus have always been prone to head gasket failures to one degree or the other.
Contact the regional office, ask for mercy, and pray they will perform a Good Will Warranty.

You state the head gasket “blew”. There’s a big difference between blew and weepage. If the gasket legitimately blew due to overheating then the engine may have far more severe problems than a faulty head gasket.

I will point out that if they offer to meet you halfway on the cost this generally translates to you footing the entire bill due to the way warranty repairs are reimbursed.
The perception is they’re paying half or whatever and perception is all that matters.

I have a trusted mechanic- quoting invoice: coolant leak=remove engine and heads, new gasket set, surface, re-install + thermostat. The engine got hot but not to the point of not running. I think I’m OK on the engine for now. But I will certainly ask for a Good Will Warranty. Thanks, st

Actually the problem with Subaru is not 4 cylinder in general but just the 2.5L 4 cylinder engine 1996-2004. The rest of the engines (albeit small % sold do are troublefree with that aspect).

Subaru did have an 8yr/100k warranty against head gasket failure, maybe you fall into it. Good luck with your call to the dealer.

The problem with overheating is that it affects more than head gaskets and cylinder heads.
Overheating can cause piston rings to seize in the ring lands or cause the rings to lose their temper. (springiness in a nutshell)

It’s always possible to wind up with an oil burner afterwards so check the engine oil level on a regular basis.

Just my opinion but a proper dry and wet compression test should always be performed before even considering a head gasket replacement.