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Subaru outback 97 Loud engine noise

I bought this Subaru used with 350 000 km’s on it,and I haven’t added that many kilometers to it yet at all. For some reason whenever I drive on the highway and get my speed up to about 120 the front left part of the car (somewhere underneath the hood I believe) starts to make a loud gurgling type of noise. I know that the suspension on that front left tire is missing, but I don’t feel the rumbling on my steering wheel and I don’t think it’s coming from there. I don’t know much about cars and if anyone could give me some advice on what I should do here that would be excellent! Thanks alot!!

"I know that the suspension on that front left tire is missing..."

Ummm…what? Please explain. Also please clarify “gurgling” noise. Does it really sound like liquid gurgling? Or could it be mechanical? Does it vary in loudness/frequency?

This has to be a troll.

You really need to clarify the part about a missing front suspension. If something is actually missing then I assume you mean one component.

The title of your post states loud engine noise which veers it off into another direction.

I wouldn’t worry about it. But than, it’s not my car. Hopefully he lives far away from me

This “question” requires a lot (that’s two words!) of clarification before anyone can even attempt to answer it.

Gurgling noises are sometimes caused by air in the cooling system. Check to make sure the coolant level is ok. Even if he coolant level is ok, if there’s been work done involving the cooling system recently, it may need to have the air-bleeding procedure repeated.

The OP’s failure to return after two days makes me believe that this was most likely an attempt at trolling.

I prefer to think the OP is simply someone for whom English is not a first language and someone young who has yet to develop good follow-up habits.

However, since the OP never returned, that’s all moot. No point continuing making suggestions if the OP has disappeared, troll or not-a-troll.