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Subaru Outback 2008 - Do I repair it or not?

I have a 2008 Outback and I just got news from my repairman that says there is a leak in the head gasket and one of my axle boots is cracking. The axle boot is not the major concern, but is it worth it to spend the $2500 to get it fixed or should I say “Hasta La Vista” and look into buying a new car? I hit a deer and thoroughly damaged the front end about a year and a half ago and I am not sure if that has “shakin’ things up”.

I currently have about 85K miles on the car. I don’t mind repairing the car if it doesn’t turn into the Money Pit.

Thanks for your advice,

Steve from NJ

Subbies are known for headgaskets, but I thought they fixed that issue by 2008… Have you tried having your head bolts re-tourqued?? What exactly is it doing that they say you need head gaskets?

I was told that it is starting to leak oil. That’s about as much as I know to be honest. Is this a normal issue on cars (I have to admit that I am far from an expert)?

No not on all cars, but Subbies seem to be very susceptible. Much more so then most… If its just a small oil leak are they sure its not valve covers? Also since it seems to be very early you may get by with having the head bolts re-torque… If that does not work, at this pint if you are not adding oil between changes (but assuming you are checking your oil on a regular basis, IE at every fill up or so, and you are…right??), I would leave it alone…

PS where in NJ are you from?? I grew up in Bergen County…

Get a 2nd opinion. $2500 seems overally steep also.

The actual repair cost for the head gasket is about $1700. There are just a bunch of other minor repairs (oil change, brake pads, etc…) that up the price.

It’s just a question of whether getting the car is worth fixing or not.

The $800 is normal car ownership and should be taken out of the equation.

The $1700 is out of the ordinary for a <150k automobile. But not earth shattering.

It seems like none of the required repairs have much effect on trade in value unless a Check Engine light is on.

The deer in no way caused any of the referenced damage.

Can you break down into a list what’s needed and the quites? I find it difficult to render an opinion without knowing what needs doing.

I’d get a second opinion. 2008 Subies are not supposed to have those issues anymore and you’d hate to get it done just because he says so. Hate to think he has bad motives but maybe he’s scaring you into forking over a pile of money.