Subaru loyale loss of power with deceleration

Car dies with any deceleration - ie. slowing or stopping even just to turn a corner. I can restart it every time it dies but it continually dies every time I slow, stop or turn. Idle is lopey and inconsistent. Turning up idle still doesn’t change it. Air flow meter has been replaced and all things register as good on the electronic and fuel systems. Mechanic said maybe distributor.

Sounds like you may have a vacuum leak, possibly being amplified by the vacuum brake booster (Using eigine vacuum).
A few more questions…
Does the car die if you take your foot off the gas only?
If the car is idiling and you stick your foot on the brake does it die?
Deos it matter if the car is hot or cold?
I am assuming that if you do some left foot braking with a little pressure on the gas, teh car will not stall?

If it’s a vac leak you can kind of test it with some starter fluid (Keep it safe though try not to spray any sensors), spray around vac tubes and see if the engine rev’s up… if so then check for leaks…

Hi thanks for your reply and suggestions!

It doesnt seem to matter if it is hot or cold.
It doesnt seem to die under any other circumstances
idling then brake - usually dies or will drop idle significantly and almost die
left foot braking worked for a while - since it is a clutch that is difficult in reverse or turning situations.
It was bad for a while then got worse and worse until driving only 2 miles I had to start it at least 20 times to get to work. sad.

I will look into the vacuum leak possibility. Thanks again.