Stalling 2005 Subaru Legacy Turbo with 60K (standard clutch)

My subaru started stalling as I was idling and as I was slowing to a stop. The dealer replaced the intake gaskets. It continued to stall, but not while idling anymore, just when coming to a stop. This time they replaced the fuel injectors and decarbonated the engine. Seemed great for a week, but just noticed it is still stalling while coming to a stop.


Oh and to top it off, when it was at the dealer this last time, they somehow managed to put 400 miles on my car, which I just noticed as I was reviewing the invoice!

Have you had any CEL? (Check Engine Light) come on? As for the 400 miles, I wonder if it could be just a recording error.

Is your car still under the original warranty?

My guess is a vacuum leak. Have them especially peek under the intercooler(silver radiator thing where the hole in the hood goes to) and all the fittings.

Is your car stalling when you come to a stop, or after you put it into first or second when starting to move again? My 2001 was stalling (actually losing power and sometimes stalling) when starting to move again. Nobody, including Subaru 2 dealers, could find the cause. Keeping the gas tank filled seems to prevent this problem.

This kind of thing can point to a vacuum leak or a problem with the Idle Air Control valve. Cleaning the IAC may help or it may not but I would assume this was done as part of the engine decarbonizing.

A vacuum leak is not always caused by intake gaskets and checking for a leak is very simple with a vacuum gauge, a tool which many mechanics seem to be adverse to.

A Subaru owner with Outback XT, same turbo engine posted recently

No fix. I am only interested because I own the exact same car(05 Subaru turbo Legacy) with 102,000 miles but problem free so far.

Valve adjustment - When was this last performed on your car?


Likely never. Inspected at 105,000 miles when timing belt gets changed.