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Subaru Legacy - Tires

Just read a question about all-wheel drive cars amy need 4 tires when only 1 is bad. I am now wondering is it still necessary to rotate tires on an all-wheel drive car? If so, what pattern should be used? I do not have an all-wheel drive car,but am anticipating purchasing one.

Some AWD cars are more sensitive than other to variations in tire size. And that includes identical tire models new versus worn. Now think about replacing the 2 worn out front tires since you never rotate the tires with a different brand or model. The diameters will be different. Some models can have their AWD systems damaged by that. So you need to buy 4 new identical tires.

So the best way to maximize the life of your tires is to rotate them. You will still need 4 new ones but at least all will be worn down and you will get more miles out of them.

The actual pattern of rotation depends on the tire you have. Non directional tires can be rotated in the old X pattern rears to front, swap fronts side to side. Directional tires go only front to back.

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Thank you.


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Yes, it most definitely is necessary.
If not, why would the vehicle’s manufacturer specify tire rotation every 7,500 miles?

The pattern that should be used is the one that is illustrated in the Subaru Owner’s Manual that is provided with the car.

Every car I’ve owned has included these instructions in one of the books that came with the car.