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Subaru Legacy Fuel Leak

I have a small fuel leak (97 Legacy Brighton wagon). The leak is detectable on the garage floor under the gas tank although I’m not certain that the gas tank itself is actually leaking. Any idea about cause and cost of repair (by a service station, not myself). Thanks so much

It could be a fuel line or the tank itself. The cost will vary greatly depending on where the leak is.

If you’re still parking in your garage, I’d strongly suggest not doing that until this is fixed.

I agree with both of the above posts, and urge you to park outside, as far away as possible from any buildings until you have it repaired.

As keith mentioned, the cost is highly variable, depending upon the source of the leak. If the gas tank has to be removed/repaired/replaced, the cost will be considerably higher because of its placement. IIRC, your gas tank straddles the drive shaft. The drive shaft likely will have to be dropped and–possibly–some of the rear suspension will also have to be removed in order to access the tank.

The potential labor costs are high unless it is simply a leak in the fuel line.