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Subaru head gaskets

Subaru 4 cylinder head gaskets have had a hx of premature failure. Do people think subaru has yet managed to solve the design issue. Mine died at 170k.

How did hx come to mean “history”?

And I know nothing about Subaru head gaskets.

Well, they now have a head design (starting in 2011, I think) that no longer has coolant contacting the head gasket. It’s carried in a separate hose to the head. So, assuming coolant was the problem (pictures I’ve seen of failed head gaskets support that), then I guess they have finally fixed the problem. Not before I bought a used 2007, unfortunately. No problems yet, but is seems to take about 5 years before they start showing up…

Try searching this forum using something like Subaru Head Gaskets . You might can get some idea of what models and years seem to have this problem. You could also look in Consumer Reports car guide, see if any newer models owners are reporting this as an issue.

Subaru has had head gasket issues for many decades. Whether that problem has been solved on the current generation of cars remains to be seen because it usually takes 5-7 years for the issues to surface and become a problem.

I would also add that I have replaced Subaru head gaskets that showed no sign of coolant leaks but were leaking oil around the front of the passenger side head.

“…premature failure… Mine died at 170k.”

I don’t think you’re calling this “premature.” My daughter’s Cavalier (2.2L OHV) head gasket went at 50k, 100k, and 150k. That’s premature.

It does make me wonder - why did Subaru have this problem in the first place? Plenty of car (most?) have head gaskets that contact coolant and oil, and most (except for Cavaliers, I guess) don’t have chronic head gasket problems.