Did Subaru solve its head gasket problem?

Has Subaru fixed the problem of head gaskets going out at around 100,000 miles?

They never had that problem… the head gaskets would go at 60,000 miles!

Yeah, they have pretty much solved that problem.

Hard to tell if new Subaru’s fail since 100k miles is 5 yrs down the road

Does it really matter? Subarus require unconditional LOVE, don’tchaknow.

I wonder why Mike Brown is asking about the Head Gaskets. If he is worried and has a Subaru then he should trade before the warranty expires . If he wants to buy one then he will have a warranty and should have all service done at the dealer and still replace it before the warranty expires.

Of course even considering a brand you have concerns about makes no sense.

Gave unconditional love to the first wife, head gasket still blew.

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My 1974 Subaru had its head gaskets blow every 33,000 miles. Never had a Subaru after that, even tho I was an amateur astronomer & loved to look at the Pleiades star cluster.

The '74 Subarus had the notorious wet sleeve engines; meaning the cylinders were separate from the engine block.

The problem with those is that cylinders rest on copper gaskets which came in varying thicknesses and allowed the cylinder liners to protrude about .005 of an inch above the block.

Given copper is a soft metal and the recommendation is to retorque the head bolts every 15k miles it’s not difficult to see what is going to happen. Sun comes up; head gaskets go, Sun goes down; head gaskets go. Full moon; ditto.

It’s just my humble 2 cents worth but I’m of the opinion that if Subarus received a head bolt tightening after a 1000 miles of run-in time they would never fail unless severely overheated.

They released a new redesigned head gasket if memory serves correctly… this was quite some time ago.

Plenty of information on this topic in subaruoutback.org

Bud had is 2014 head gasket replaced, subaru suggested he upgrade to the head gasket used for turbo engine, $200 his cost.