Subaru Head Gaskeets


I have a 1998 Subaru Legacy GT wagon. Head gaskets “blew” around 150K. I was told by Subaru America I had no warranty extension.

Are there provisions for this year and this mileage?


If SOA told you no then you’re out of luck. They have to draw the line somewhere and 150k miles is way over the line.
If they accepted 150k miles then someone else would want them fixed at 200k, 250k, and so on.

If the car overheated and was operated a while in this condition (and especially if the engine oil was contaminated by coolant) then it’s possible an entire engine could be needed. Severe and/or chronic overheating will ruin cylinder walls, seize piston rings, and damage the crankshaft and crank bearings if the oil is diluted.


No unfortunately.


Yes a line had to be drawn somewhere. BMW had a major design defect in some of their V-8 engines,requiring engine block replacement (google Nikasil engine defect) BMW extended warranty to only 6yrs. 100,000 miles. BMW claims problem related to engine block being designed for a certain sulfar content fuel and then being used with low sulfar (am I spelling sulfar right) fuel. This was about the biggest BMW engine mistake ever.So getting 150,000 from Subaru isnt so bad


Subaru’s extended warranty for this problem covered up to 100,000 miles I believe. If the car is in good shape otherwise and you want to keep it longer you could have the newer gaskets installed. Other smaller problems may come up later but you may not have any also. If you do repair the engine you should also replace the cam seals, radiator (at least checked), along with the water and oil pump.