Subaru Forrester that bucks


I have a 2000 Subaru Forrester with 111,400 miles on it. For the past 6 weeks it has been bucking, not all the time but a lot. I had a complete tune up which didn’t help. then I had the fuel injectors taken out and individually cleaned and it still bucks. The check engine light is on but since I’ve owned the car it has gone on and off for weeks at a time and my mechanic who works only on subarus said not to worry about it. Any ideas as to why it is bucking and how I might solve this problem?



I think that you need to do three things:

*Have the OBD system scanned for stored trouble codes (free-of-charge) at an auto supply store like Auto Zone, Advance Auto, or others that provide this service.

*Post the code(s) on this site, and someone will provide an interpretation for you, as well as recommendations for repair, based on the code(s).

*Find a new mechanic. A mechanic who tells you to ignore a CEL (Check Engine Light) is saying that because he does not have the expertise to perform the repairs that are needed.

Something is wrong with your engine, and until you get your car to a fully competent mechanic, it is not likely that this problem will be resolved. Your current mechanic may work only on Subarus, but that still does not necessarily make him competent at what he is doing.

Incidentally, when the problem leading to the CEL is resolved, your car will undoubtedly put out fewer pollutants from the tailpipe, and you will probably find that your gas mileage improves.


If, when you pull the codes, you see anything related to “EGR Valve” you have found your problem…


Whats the process for cleaning a Subaru fuel injector. For the old CIS cars we had a rig with a gague the rig held the injector with a hand pump you pressurized the injector at the “pop” pressure the injector sprayed and you could see its spray pattern.Dont remember the liquid used. Iam so glad that CIS days are gone