2004 subaru forrester

I have a 2004 Subaru Forrester with 104,000 miles on it. There has been a knocking sound going on lately, which I thought was the manifold. I brought it into a garage and they told me that it wasn’t repairable, but that the car could be continued to be driven. They thought that the problem was somewhere in the engine but they couldn’t exactly pinpoint it. I then called the Subaru dealer and they said that it sounds like the car may need a whole new block. Probably the rods inside the engine were worn. This is a 4,000$-5,000$ repair job that I’m not going to partake in. My question is, This car has only 104,000 miles. It has a superb maintenance record and has not been driven hard. How can it need a new block already? Just bad luck? Anyone out there here of this problem with 2004 Forresters?

You need a second opinion from a competent mechanic.

Your first mechanic stated that he did not know what the problem was, but he somehow knew that it was not repairable, and yet it was safe to continue to run the engine with this unknown, unrepairable problem? The flow of contradictions and uncertainties in that diagnosis is almost mind-boggling.

If you went to your M.D. for a diagnosis, and he told you that he didn’t know what was wrong with you, but that it was both incurable and safe to ignore the symptoms, would you trust that physician?
I certainly hope not.

The second diagnosis appears to have been done via the telephone, and thus this cannot be trusted either. If this vehicle really was superbly maintained and was not abused, it is extremely unlikely that it would need “a whole new block”.

You need to find an independent shop that specializes in Subarus for a competent and honest diagnosis. If you tell us where you live, some of us may be able to recommend a shop.

When do you hear the knocking? Is it constant or does it only happen under certain conditions? What made you think it was the manifold, and which manifold did you have in mind?

What type of garage did you visit? A mechanic who says a car is not repairable, but can’t really say why, is not much of a mechanic in my opinion. If they can’t pinpoint the source of the problem how can they say it can’t be repaired?

Engine diagnosis over the phone, or the Internet for that matter, is highly suspect. No one, not even a Subaru dealer, can say you need a new engine without AT LEAST seeing and listening to the car.

Subarus with proper maintenance should last two to three times this many miles. I think you need another opinion from a qualified Subaru mechanic. The mechanic must be able to see, hear, and drive the car in person. Perhaps this is the infamous Subaru piston slap, and not a rod knock.

If you do replace engine find a wreck’s(junked) car engine vs new. Typically these engines do not have that type of failure with proper maintenance (oil changes every 5k and level topped if low).

Thanks very much. Fairfield, Ct.

Thanks, I’m going to bring it into the Subaru garage this week.