Subaru Forester


But I can still think of any number of first year cars that carried over the engine and trans from the previous model, and those were fine, but the car itself was a POS

What good does that do you to have an excellent trans and engine, but the car’s falling apart and spends more days at the shop than at home?

Of course you are 100% correct. But, OPs “main” concern is with CVT transmission. As far as new generation models are concerned, Subaru has an excellent track record of getting it right here in the USA. Remember that Honda, Toyota and Subaru and others test market if you will, new models in Europe and other places over the years before they find their way here.
This is hindsight and highly speculative I know, but I doubt the Vega spent years in Europe and Canada frustrating their owners with the self destructing Aluminum block. If so, we would have known. Have faith my friend.