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Subaru Forester struts

I take my 2006 Forester into a local garage for routine maintenance. Several months ago they told me one of my struts was leaking and that I should take into Subaru and they should replace it. The Subaru dealer was pretty dismissive and said it was not uncommon for some minor leakage to occur on struts. When I told my local garage they told me the Subaru dealer was blowing smoke up my you-know-what.

Do I just let this ride, or should I go back to the dealer and be more insistent that they replace the strut?

In all seriousness, Subaru (corporate, not the dealer) claims that a slight amount of oil weepage around the strut can be entirely normal over time.
Note I said “weepage”, not leakage. Weepage is defined as a faint oily residue in a small area.

This weepage should be slight and half the strut should not be oil soaked though.