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Subaru Forester RPM noise


I write to you at the suggestion of a friend and co-worker, who loves your radio show, to ask for your help. My car makes a noise that the mechanic has not been able to identify. It is hard to describe, a bit of a tinny rattle, and only and always at 1.75 and 2.33 RMP?s. They have checked externally to tighten up things like heat shield and I don?t know what else, and that did not work. It was suggested I confirm whether or not it makes this noise at an idle, before the car has run or been engaged and put in gear. I heard it would be good news if it did not meaning it would not be motor or transmission related, unfortunately it doesn?t??.yes I started the car and while still in park pressed the gas until it hit those marks on the RPM dial and it did not make that noise. It was a regular mechanic shop, that is not a Subaru dealer, if that matters. It is a 2004 with about 87,500 mileage. Speaking of mileage, at what mileage should I get the timing belt changed before it might break? I had heard 100,000 than someone said with newer cars it is more like 85,000. I guess they don?t make ?em like they used to.

Please and thanks.


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