Subaru forester roadnoise

I used to own a 98 subaru forester. It was very noisy especially in the backseat. I want to buy an 07 Subaru forester because it fits my family, but my husband is remembering our bad experience with the old one. I’m thinking they must have improved the noise factor in the 9 years since then. anyone driven or have an 07?

Consumer Reports rates the new Forester highly; more room and smoother ride. It may still not be as quiet as your husband wants, since it’s an SUV, meaning SPORTS UTILITY VEHICLE! The first two words do not imply quiet and sedate performance.

If you want the most quiet for the same money, there is quite a selection of vehicles; the Chevy Malibu, Ford Fusion, Hyundai Sonata and Toyota Camry (yes!!) are all very quiet compared to what any Forester will be. So will a Subaru Legacy, if you must have all wheel drive.

Could you explain why the Forester “fits your family”, and we may be able to steer you better towards the exact vehicle you need.

The 07 is not as quiet as the 2009…What’s to prevent you from trying it out on a short trip on conditions you expect to use it, then decide ?

Tire choice can have a big impact on noise inside a vehicle. A friend of mine has a '07 Forester and I don’t notice any more noise inside it than any other car.

If you are interested in an '07 take it for a test drive and let your husband sit in the rear seat and see how it sounds.

Tires are a big factor in road noise.
Aggressive winter tires = more road noise.
Summer tires = quieter ride.