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Subaru Forester or Hyundai Elanta Touring

I’m looking for a new car. Had a Subaru Impreza and loved everything about it except it didn’t have a lot of cargo space and it got ok gas mileage, but these days that’s becoming more and more important.

So I’m looking for a car with a bit more luggage space than an Impreza and good gas mileage. Should be reliable and not too costly to own. Preferably under $20000 or at least not too much over.

I do like the Forester but again, lousy MPGs and a bit over 20000. Like the Elantra Touring but not a lot of fun to drive. And I’m not completely sold on Hyundai as a reliable car manufacturer. Plus I haven’t seen one on the road at all. Any votes? Or other similar vehicles to look at.

When I was at the Auto show I was highly impressed with the new Elantra. Consumer reports also rates it highly. The only thing I could criticize about the car was the trunk seemed smallish with those nasty trunk hinges that intrude into the trunk.

You could also check out the new Ford Fiesta hatch back, and Chevy Cruze ECO.

Edit: The Elantra Towering is a station wagon that gets ten MPG less then the new sedan. My opinion was based on the new sedan not the Wagon

Between those two, I’d get the Hyundai. They are reliable cars.

If you can find a left over 2010 model Mazda CX-7 sport, you should be able to talk them down to $20k. It’ll be more fun to drive than either of those. Won’t be as fun to drive as their turbo models, but it should be more fun than the 2 choices you have now

If you don’t need the ground clearance, try the much larger Legacy with a cvt and better mileage than either. You really can’t expect top mileage from an awd vehicle. You"ll have to choose between the two and maybe give up on Subarus if mpg is a priority.

This seems like an “apples and oranges” comparison to me. I’m currently a Subaru owner, but I like the Elantra Touring as a small wagon, and its reliability has been very good so far. As I search for a replacement for my Legacy wagon the ET is high on my list.

Have you considered the Mazda5? I think it’s closer in size to the Forester. What about the new Impreza? It’s larger than the old model. Still the same mileage problem, however.

Another car I’m highly interested in is the new Ford Focus 5-door hatchback. Take a look.

Thanks for all the advice. Definitely looking at hatchbacks and wagons for the cargo space. Probably will have to give up the Subarus with gas prices these days. Unless lower ownership costs make up for the difference.

I checked both out & wasn’t even close. Bought the Elantra Touring and have been very satisfied. Mazdas weren’t even in the ballpark.

Considered the Ford Focus but the hatchback lacked the Touring’s cargo space.

Bought the front-wheel drive versions because little if any need for AWD around here.

Good comparison:

In that class, you’re looking at the new Focus, the Cruze, the Civic, Mazda 3, Mini Clubman, and VW Golf in addition to the ones you mentioned

Only the Mazda 3 hatch, Mini Clubman, Elantra, Forrester, and Golf will have the cargo capacity you’re looking for.

The Mini will probably be the most fun to drive, but it’s going to be the most expensive and it does require the use of premium fuel IIRC, it’s repair costs will be higher since it’s a BMW after all.

All of these choices get better than average fuel economy, but the Forrester will likely be the thirstiest though it still gets an estimated 23 MPG overall. Which isn’t terrible.

Kia Forte 5 door is a spunkier version of the Elantra Touring. It gets 28/34 if you don’t pick the big 2.4 engine. For ultimate mileage and space, there’s the VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI

Buy the Subaru.

You should totally go with the Forester or the New Impreza – they are bar none the safest vehicles and you will never get the same AWD any where else.

I have been waiting for the new impreza its bigger and has 36 MPG which for me is worth waiting for. – The new Legacy is cool too

It was a tough call between that and my Forte. I like sport-wagons, but the Forte was sportier. I was under the impression a 5-door forte was coming…yup, just checked Edmunds. Considering the Elantra and the Forte are cousins, I would check the Forte hatch 2.4 (SX). The 2.0 is dog slow. It’s more fun to drive than the Elantra, and is probably cheaper, for essentially the same car. I have had Hyundai’s and Kia’s now, they are as, if not more reliable than Japanese imports.

How are they “bar none the safest vehicles?” Sure, they are safer recently, but I wouldn’t say they stand out compared to some cars.

Damnit I had myself sold on the Elantra Touring and now there’s going to be a bigger more efficient Impreza. But we can’t wait for it to come out.

In case anyone cares, in the end we went with the KIA Forte 5-door 2.0L engine. Great gas mileage and a better drive than the Elantra Touring. Smaller so we’ll have to find a roof rack for longer trips. Nothing bad about Elantra Touring but nothing great except the cargo capacity.