Subaru Forester one-way valve recall

We have an 06 Forester. Recently we had problems filling our fuel tank. The mechanic (authorized Subaru dealer) said the evap canister was defective and needed replacing. $700 later, (a few weeks later) we receive a recall notice from Subaru saying there is a 1-way fuel valve which could fail. Is it possible that this is what happened and that we really didn’t need to replace the evap canister?? (unfortunately, I didn’t ask to retrieve the old part)

Typically a “recall” (are you sure its a recall and not a TSB?) will state what parts could be affected by the exact part in question,have you seen a printed version of this information? If not I would search for it and typicaly recall notices come to you by mail,did you recieve a notice in the mail?

It did arrive by mail, so I assume it is a recall. I’m just wondering if the fuel fill problem might have been caused by the 1-way valve and not by a failure of the evap canister…


Does the recall mention any acknowledgement by Subaru of any potential canister damage? Usually recalls list the potential hazard (like a fire,or fuel spilling) Provide the recall number and I will look for myself. It is not yet on the EBESCO site.