Subaru Forester 2015; Noises from the engine after shut off

Recently bought a 2015 Subaru Forester it has 89K miles. There is no check engine light or warning that any thing is wrong. However, when I drive the vehicle, and come to a complete stop and then turn off the vehicle. The vehicle starts pinging, and making clicking noises within the hood of the vehicle. What exactly is this? I checked the oil, and everything looks good, even the brake fluid, and power steering. Basically what I would like to know is this normal?

It’s normal.

What you’re hearing is the metal components under the hood cooling down when the engine is shut off.



+1 to Tester’s comment.
Whether that “pinging” noise is coming from under the hood, or from underneath the car, it is almost surely the result of cooling after the engine is shut down.


Another “normal” vote! It’s funny, (not the humorous one, the peculiar one), but when I shut off my Grand Prix (miniature photo at left), it does just as you describe. Everything about the car is copacetic, near to perfect as conceivable!

I own 3 other GM cars, same engine, and they don’t do that, anywhere near what the GP does. I think it’s mainly exhaust system heat shields making the noise.

Once you ascertain that there is no problem, it’s almost music to the ear!
Drive on! Enjoy your “new” Subaru!

Thank you guys for the support! I appreciate the feedback!!!

+2 to tester’s comment.

My Impala does the exact same thing. It’s just cooling down and it’s not anything to worry about.

I have the same car, 15 Forester, and never noticed that pinging, but I’ll listen carefully next time.