2014 Subaru Forester rattles at stop lights

My 2014 Subaru Forester has 93K miles on it. For the past couple months (I don’t drive much these days) I’ve noticed that the car shakes/rattles when I’m stopped at a stoplight. Thoughts on what that is? I found out my very trusted mechanic closed his doors permanently during the pandemic.

We can’t feel it or hear it via cyberspace, so anything that any of us tells you is just a possibility.

The rattling noise when the engine is idling could merely be the result of a loose or bent heat shield on the exhaust system. There are a few of these shields, so any of them could be the source of the rattling. This is something that is annoying, but is not dangerous.

If the engine is shaking, then I have to wonder whether the Check Engine light is lit up.
Is it?

Because of the H-4 engine design, Subaru’s 4 cylinder engines are normally not subject to the type of vibration that inline 4 cylinder engines are subject to, but if the engine is misfiring, or is otherwise not performing at its optimum, then it is definitely possible for your engine to be shaking at idle speed.

That type of engine problem is not something that should be ignored, and it needs to be diagnosed–in person–by a qualified mechanic. When seeking a new mechanic, just be sure to avoid Midas, Meineke, Monro, Sears, Pep Boys, AAMCO, and all other chain operations. Ask friends, neighbors, relatives and co-workers to recommend a competent independent mechanic’s shop.

While the vehicle is in the shop to diagnose the shaking problem, that would also be a good opportunity to have the rattling noise investigated.

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