Subaru "downshift" problem


A caller asked about the sensation when going around a corner that their Subaru was downshifting or something. Tom and Ray said it probably WAS downshifting. As a former owner of a 91 Legacy, I’d like to suggest another, unfortunately grimmer, possibility: the all-wheel-drive clutches are binding. My car did that when I put new tires on one end but not the other, then after I fixed that (2 more new tires) it was fine until a few years later, when it started doing it again. It was especially bad at very low-speed tight turns (i.e. parking). The dealer said I probably damaged the AWD clutches and would need a transmission rebuild. Luckily the car got bombed by hail the size of golfballs and my insurance company graciously took it off my hands. I loved the car though, so I bought a newer Subaru and am taking care to keep the tires matched and rotated.