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Subaru CVT warranty extension

Just got a notice from Subaru that the CVT warranty has been extended for 10 years/100k miles, for the following models:
10-15 Legacy/Outback
12-15 Impreza
13-15 Crosstrek
14-15 Forester
15 WRX

plus a reimbursement for CVT repairs after the normal warranty period and before the extended one.

Good for them to give us the warranty extension. But the question is; WHY ?

I’m surprised you got the notice so late. Did you just purchase one of those vehicles? My son was notified some time , ago.

I’m guessing it’s in case somebody needs repairs and don’t feel they should be paying for it.

Warranties are usually extended because there have been too many problems with the systems elements. Why extend a warranty on a transmission if there aren’t significant problems reported? Be happy you got it now rather than a few years after you needed it.

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Make a copy of your notice and put in the glove box and the original in your home file. If you don’t need it good, if you do you will have it.

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I still haven’t gotten my notification yet. I had mine repaired while still under warranty.

See previous discussion on this exact topic

Oh, well they extended the warranty because they are so sure your CVT transmission would last a long time and not need any repairs whatsoever :grinning:

No, seriously, these letters are always bad news. meaning there is a known issue with these transmissions that they could not deny.

I have a few for my 2013 Sonata with the 2.4 Theta engine which is prone to self-explosion. It has now started burning oil since 55K miles, to the tune of 1 qt per 1000 miles which the dealer claims is normal.

I will eventually get a new engine at this pace but it is just annoying.

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I rest my case. When I balked at the price of the Acura, they tried to sell me a Subaru. Besides my wife not liking them, I said I didn’t want a CVT transmission.

Roll ahead to November 2018 and Subaru seems to still be sending out letters extending coverage on there CVT transmissions. Did a quick search and discovered this same issue has been around since sept 2017. Any way enjoyed reading all of the conversations concerning this issue. I am surprised that I was not contacted before now considering this is my third Forester during this period. Any way I would like to share with you all what I have learned. Like you all I had the same questions an concerns starting with my first Forester. Plain Jane stock 2015 with no frills. Liked the CVT but living in the mountains of WV. soon became tired with the lack of power. At 30 K traded up to a new 2016 Forester XT premium. Power problem solved and put 128K with no CVT issues . Actually we had no problems what so ever. In 2018 we once again traded up to a new 2018 again Forester but this time a Touring model XT which now has 38K. Now for the good stuff. Service our not to service the CVT. After a lot of research I have decided that Subaru is dead on with the recommendation that the trans be left alone. Took oil sample when new. One at 50k and one at 100k Lab test confirmed there was little change and no indication that fluid change was needed. Fluid color has nothing to due with the condition of the fluid. Only a lab test can be of any use. Subaru does not even sell the high torque fluid by the Qt, it only comes in 5 gallon pails at 500$ a pop. There is no after market fluid that meets the Subaru high torque spec. The Subaru CVT has no provisions to hook up a trans flush machine. You can drain about 4 or 5 Qts from the pan but the rest of the 15 Qts stays put. It makes no sense draining 5 Qts and mixing it with the used oil. Granted there will always be Issues with a small number of CVTs but not all problems are oil related. We all love to hate our Car company but in this case Maintance free is spot on. Subaru needs to clean up its service manual and remove conflicting recommendations. Subaru does sell regular CVT fluid by the QT. for standard issue Subies but the XTs and WRX CVT takes the High Torque fluid. In any case I would be extremely careful with after market fluids. Any way I hope this was helpful and hope you are enjoying Your Subie as much as we do.