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Subaru CVT warranty extension

Just got a notice from Subaru that the CVT warranty has been extended for 10 years/100k miles, for the following models:
10-15 Legacy/Outback
12-15 Impreza
13-15 Crosstrek
14-15 Forester
15 WRX

plus a reimbursement for CVT repairs after the normal warranty period and before the extended one.

Good for them to give us the warranty extension. But the question is; WHY ?

First thought. Warranty claims are higher than acceptable amounts. Extending the warranty and helping with repair costs is much less costly then a full blast recall.

dunno, in any case, it’s not a safety issue, so a recall is not probable.

Well, it is definitely good news for you, but it just makes me even gladder that I opted for a six-cylinder Outback, which came with a “conventional” 5-speed automatic. So far, in 6+ years and 75k miles, the only repair was the replacement (under warranty) of the WW fluid reservoir because the float in it became stuck.

Good to know, thanks for the info. I haven’t gotten my notice yet.

Because they realize that some or all of them have problems that won’t allow them to last as long as Subaru would like them to and they’d like you to consider them for your next car. That’s my guess as to Why.


Glad :scream:subaru is being proactive on CVT, unlike head gaskets. :scream:

yes indeed

You got the notice in mail?
2015 Forester owner here, nothing here yet.

yup, 2015 forester also.

Do you have the CVT?

That sounds like a customer interest bulletin. Used by manufactures when there seem to be higher than the number of expected problems coming into the dealerships for warranty work involving a certain a part or system. It’s a good thing imo, indicates Subie is a stand up company that looks out for its customers.

From what I can see, there seems to be an issue with fluid seepage from the cvt’s oil pump chain cover on some Forrester models. Google for tsb 16-103-16 . There’s also a tsb on transmission cooler flushing, 16-42-90R .

George, thanks for the info.

Yes, CVT. Its a Premium trim.

Warranty extensions often result from a malady becoming common to a certain degree along with the assorted customer complaints, threats of lawsuits, and so on.

Like the other article spells out, it’s cheaper to offer the warranty and fix the “few” cars that DO have the problem instead of a nationwide recall and spending time and resources on a transmission that does not display these symptoms…

Just wish CVTs didn’t seem to be so troublesome. I’m giving serious thought to a Forester, but this could swing it over to a CX-5.

AFAIK, its not for current ones i.e. 2017/2018.
CX-5 is also great. I don’t know hows its snow performance, if you need that.

Given there were problems with the 2015 and older CVTs, I’d have to be convinced (through years of data) that the 2016+ versions were fixed.

Thinking about this, I’d say that I have an increased probability of CVT problems and have to keep an eye out.

The manual says inspect CVT fluid 30 mo/30k. Has no dipstick.
Replace fluid under severe conditions at 25k mi.

Should I be proactive on this? I will get the fluid level checked ASAP, I am at 28k and 3 years.

Just do it and sleep well at night

My mom’s Civic has a CVT and it also requires a fluid service at 25K, under severe service oonditions

So I just went ahead and did it a few months ago, since it only gets used for short trips, and I happened to be doing the 25K service

It obviously has a drain plug, a fill hole, but no dipstick. There’s a plug at the side, for checking fluid level, just like on a manual transmission or a rear end. The fluid was kind of pricey, but I bought it at the dealer, just to be sure it met the correct specs.