Subaru AWD tire replacement

I have a 2000 Outback and once again have a bad cord in one of the tires. Subaru recommends replacing all 4 tires. This is the 3rd time and at $400+ bucks a pop I’m getting tired of this. Is there a spec as to how close the tire size needs to be? Can a new tire be ground off ti the right size?

Where could I get this done?

you have one of the MOST unfortunate dilemmas.

the AWD cars can ruin the transmission/transfer case if the tires arent all the same diameter.

i am sorry, but unless one of the wizened ones on this site can share the correct info with you, i would recommend replacing all 4.

AWD IS a huge problem with this uneven tire wear.

Some tire shops perform what is called tire shaving.

This removes tread from a new tire so it matches the circumfrence of the other tires. This is becoming more popular now that there are more AWD vehicles on the road.


“Can a new tire be ground off ti the right size”

Yes. Try a tyre shop. The process is called shaving.