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Subaru Auto/Manual

Anybody care to tell me how this transmission works? 91 Subaru Legacy. There is a Manual button on the Automatic transmission shifter…

That button allows you to shift the transmission manually from 1st to 2nd to 3rd, rather than having the transmission shift for itself.
(I believe that it is a 3 speed automatic, but on the slim chance that it has a 4 speed automatic, then you can add one more gear to the above list)

I suggest that you ignore the “manual” setting and simply allow the transmission to be a true automatic.

Incidentally, unless you are sure that the trans fluid was changed in the last 3 years, I strongly suggest that you have the fluid and filter changed a.s.a.p. If you don’t, that aged transmission will soon be doing no shifting, whether you select the automatic or manual setting.

If a mechanic tells you that it is a bad idea to change the fluid on an old transmission, this is a very strong indication that you need a different mechanic. And, whatever you do, do NOT take the car to any quick lube places if you value the car. The rate of screw-ups at those places kills several engines and transmissions nationwide each week.

Thanks again Driver and it is a 4 speed manual.

…Ummmm…I think that it is a 4-speed automatic, based on your intial post.
If it is a manual trans, then you have gotten me (and likely some others) very confused.

Its a 4 speed automatic. 1 2 3 D