Subaru 2009 head gasket

I have a 2002 Subaru outback wagon with 79000 miles, About 2 months ago I ahd the oil changed and after that I started noticing a burnt oil smell. I suspected that they had not tightened the oil filter enough so I took it back. They retightened the filter but the smell continued. I took it to my garage and they said it was dripping small amounts of oil onto the exaust manifold but they could not identify the source.

I then took it to Subaru and had it inspected and the oil changed [new filter].

They told me I had a bad head gasket, that it was leaking small amounts of oil onto the manifold. I asked them if they meant a valve gasket but they said, no, it was a head gasket. I declined to have the work done and now, 2 or three weeks later I no longer have the oil smell but now have a coolant smell when I stop and get out of the car after driving any considerable distance. The coolant level has not dropped enought to measure, there is no coolent in the oil and the car doesn’t overheat or run badly. Any ideas?

Dan in Austin texas