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Stuttering 914

My '74 914 has been developing a problem where it will lose power and ‘stutter’ while driving. If I play with the throttle I can sometimes keep it running (barely) but not always. It will (so far) eventually clear up. Sometimes it requires shutting the engine off for awhile and restarting it several times. It not only has me perplexed but it’s also embarrassing. Oh. the car has the 1.8 litre 4 cyl. Any thoughts on what might be going on, and what parts I should start replacing? I should also mention the problem started about a year ago and happened rarely, but is steadily getting worse and happens everytime we try to go for a drive now. Thanks in advance for any advice(Good or bad)

No joke, look for a carburator setup, at least your costs will be fixed if you go with carbs, its open ended fixing tha AFC F.I

so you think this is a fuel delivery problem? I have to say since the first time this happened my first instinct was to look at the fuel system. even though I know the 914’s are supposed to be ‘prone’ to ignition system troubles.

It could be any number of things and when it comes to AFC injection you really need the manual on troubleshooting this system. There is simply not enough info available to make much of a guess.

If I had to make some wild guesses (very wild) I’d say ignition switch, fuel pump, or the double relay if this car has one; with priority given to the double relay.
After that, maybe an intermittent problem with the temp sensor, AFC control box, injector contacts, etc.

No codes to pull on this one unfortunately. If the car were mine I’d probably pop the cover off of the double relay and inspect the contact points for burning. I’m not real famliar with the 914 and haven’t had my hands on one in ages so I’m guessing (maybe wildly) here.
There’s the bad side of the advice anyway!

I would certainly check all F.I. harness grounds. Ignition system is just a breaker point/coil set up.

Well that gives me plenty of things to look at. At least I can PRETEND like I have a chance of fixing it. And I can at least cross off the ignition switch. That’s been replaced do to an unrelated problem. The fuel pump can be crossed off maybe also. since I can hear it humming up there over my feet. Of course it does have an odd bubbling sound too. Maybe I better not cross it off yet.

Anyway thanks i appreciate the help.

It would appear that the car has L-Jetronic injection. If the fuel pressure is correct and all the intake plumbing is intact look to the control box but it is not very friendly to tinkering.

The “L” in L-jetronic stands for “Luft” (air in German) the “A” in AFC stands for “air” (the stuff we breath also known as 'luft") Now L jet is better than D jet by many kilometers (just had to say "kilometers) but it is still not so good. Be thankful the 1.8 was never equipped with any of the mechanical “jetronics”.

But I must conceede, typicaly when you speak of AFC you are speaking about D-Jetronic, a system that relied heavily upon manifold air pressure. The 914 was a D-Jet car until the 1.8 and 1974.

I would take a 914 over about any 4 cyl car of the 70’s (even a 2002 BMW,even though the 2002 will bring more money)But the 914 is a ton of fun to drive and if you get past some issues (lots of people went to dual Webers) they are great. 2.0l engine is the one you want, never saw a 6cyl 914, they do exist.Remember the 912E? probably the same L-Jetronic.

Moving into the 80’s I would pick a BMW E-30 (probably have to settle for a 6cyl as the 4 is M3 territory) and then it is 6’s from then on.

A 914 over a Miata? for me I say ‘yes’ but for others, I can hear the laughter now. I had an old boss that set a 914 up for the track 250hp, suspension mods and racing tires, the thing was so responsive it would hurt your head to hold it steady in corners, best way to describe its handling was ,like a go-kart.

I sometimes wonder what the U.S. input into fuel injection development by Bosch. It could not all have been done “in house” could it?