Stupid people, who is the jerk?

So walking I look both ways no traffic left or right going northbound I am, start crossing the street, screeching her tires going south and turning left not even slowing for a stop sign flips me the bird hollering get the f out of my way as I made it far enough through to avoid getting hit! People are crazy.

I had a young girl barrel through a stop sign and then give me the bird because I had stopped for her. Respect for elders has gone bye bye. Then I was on my way to Lowes. Kinda complicated but there is one block of two lane with the left lane clearly marked as a left turn lane and the right lane to go straight. Then after that it’s another block of two lane. So I’m in the right lane and a youngster in a big pick up in the left lane. I go straight and he goes straight. I move over to the left lane then to turn into Lowes and he gets all excited. He even followed me into the parking lot then maybe thought better of it and left again. As they say maybe ammo up-there are nut cases out there in plain sight.

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Pretty much happens once a month in the Publix parking lot here in SW Florida.

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It’s that rare down there? I see it at least weekly up here…

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You can teach someone who is ignorant but you can’t fix stupid.


Naaah, she saved it just for you @bing. You’re special. Actually, I imagine she does that to everyone.

It’s Southern gentility shining through.

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The thing is Florida is packed with folks from the North East.


“Respect for elders has gone bye bye.”

Respect in general has gone bye bye…There are plenty of elderly people out there who are just as guilty of being complete and utter jerks. Just because someone has been alive for 6+ decades, doesn’t mean they get a special life pass or something.

In fact, around here, I often see older drivers acting more like jerks towards bicyclists and pedestrians than younger drivers…I chalk it up to them having lived most of their lives in a time when the car was king, and anyone else on the road be damned.

Uh, that was a joke son. (remember the cartoon?)

The snowbirds love to escape our winters! (can’t blame them necessarily!)

Agreed with all of your points above.

And the Northern Midwest, too. There’s a lot more moving to Florida than from Florida to Minneapolis. You can check it out here:

Remembering living in Del Ray, so many times my heels got run into by a shopping cart, and all I could hear was there’s no bagains here, and they were driving cars too! Scary!

Heh heh heh. That’s fun. Check out Hollywood though. Everybody moving out to everywhere but mostly NE moving in. I dunno though, I know for a fact there are a lot more going from Cook County to Hennepin County than the graph shows. Might be because it is based on IRS data. If you’re off the radar, you aren’t counted.

The old pitting one group against another starts again. Girl gave me the salute so then it is lots of elderly have been seen being inconsiderate drivers. What is elderly anymore? What does one have to do with the other? What a hoot.

I don’t know if you are old enough to remember trading stamp’s store’s would give with purchase women would drive all 0ver town to shop at those store’s & spend more on gas than the stamp’s were worth.

Alarming, but not surprising. There’s a 3-way intersection – stop signs in all directions – I walk through around the time the schools are getting out. The drivers don’t seem to pay much att’n to the stop signs, and the kids riding their bicycles, even less. I decided to watch that intersection for 15 minutes, see what happens. About 35 cars went through, and 25 kids riding bicycles during that time. Guess what?

  • 5% of drivers came to a complete stop.
  • 20 % of drivers came close to a complete stop
  • 50% of drivers slowed down at least a little, but not even close to a complete stop
  • 25% of drivers didn’t even slow down, went right through as if stop sign wasn’t there
  • 100% of the kids riding bicycles went right through, didn’t even slow down at all.

I have seen that.

Yeah my Mom worked at Gold Bond during the busy season. I always wanted that orange semi they had but we never had enough stamps. When the pile of stamps got too high, we’d spend about a hour licking and pasting those dang things in the stamp books. There were Green stamps and Gold Bond and most everyone gave stamps. Except the Holiday station that had there own and you’d get plates and bowls and junk from their showcase on the pump island. You youngsters really missed a lot.


As a wee-tot I watched my mom do the stamp thing. Even at that young age I could never understand what would motivate a person to spend that mount of effort on the stamps. It didn’t seem like the rewards amounted to much. And I think the stamps expired at some point so if you forgot about redeeming them a lot of effort brought nothing at all. I helped her paste the sheets of stamps in the books though, doing my part in what seemed to me to be a massive waste of time. She was also big on opening new bank accounts to get free gifts. Some of the bank gifts were pretty useful, so I could understand the motivation for that. But not for the stamps.

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What’s wrong with that? That’s how I put together our first set of dishware. Deposit $50 and you get a place setting. I think it was Twin City Federal. I think we still have them someplace. Then the local S&L would give tools out, so that’s how I got my first power saw. Yeah Black and Decker but it served its purpose. Don’t get anything now.

That is is primarily the east coast, Bing. The west coast is loaded with midwesterners. Pretty much any state with easy access to I-75. Brings 'em straight here.

Lotsa Brits and Germans as well. Not sure why this coast gets them because they still come into Miami’s airport. They jump on I-75 and beat a path to the west coast. Maybe they like midwesterners better than north easters!