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Stupid car commercial

Pacifica, always has quarters so he never has parking tickets, THANK GOG I HAVE A BUILT IN VACUUM, vs that guy who used the vacuum for sewer water in his basement. CRAP an onboard vacuum is what people are looking for?

I happened by a place that handles insurance claims for cars the other day, and noticed they had a sample of a fancy Mercedes car door with the door panel removed for folks to look at. I presume this is to explain why it costs so much to fix when damaged in an accident. Compared to my vehicles, which just have the normal manual window cranking and door lock mechanisms, you wouldn’t believe how many gadgets are inside that door! It’s like an electro/mechanical zoo! A fair size electric motor to make the window go up and down, actuator motors for the door locks, a big air bag module, & two separate electronics modules, each the size approaching a small box of cereal to make it all work. Cars are no longer for basic to and from transport it appears.

Old news, George.

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Of course it should be mentioned that Honda has had an available on-board vacuum in the Odyssey for a couple years now. Chrysler is tardy to the party.


The reviewers rave about the stow and go in Chrysler vans and even though I have not had one with the feature, it seems pretty handy-would for sure prefer that over a vacuum cleaner.

As far as expensive cars and the price to fix them; a friend shopped and settled on a Tesla, until he got a quote from his insurance. Apparently it is quite costly to fix it up if needed.