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Stupid 5.0L 2000 explorer

ok. maybe someone has had this problem. fluid levels, ALL fluid levels never drop. Yet when truck been sitting for a couple of hours it has a puddle under it. appears to be green coolant yet i use orange. anyone have any ideas??? Can’t find any type of leak. And its winter so not running a/c. Anybody???

First of all, go out and tell your Explorer that you’re sorry for calling it stupid.

I would say that your “problem” is really just harmless condensation dripping from the air conditioning system.

Where is this puddle located in relation to the vehicle and its components?

“Under it” could be anywhere from under the radiator to under the rear axle. Where’s the green puddle?

Your AC may be running in the background to remove moisture when you have the defroster on.

Ditto to McP’s question, where exactly is the puddle forming?

Back off the puddle and sop up some of the liquid in a paper towel. Does it have color? What does it smell like? Rub your finger on the towel to wet it and see if it feels oily. It is condensation, coolant, or a lubricant. No smell and little color means condensate. Oily feel means it could be a lubricant (engine oil or transmission). The color, if it’s oily, could narrow it down to the transmission or an engine leak. I have an oil pan gasket leak in one of mu cars. It’s so small that I only have to add oil about one every month or two. Since I have to drop the engine to remove the oil pan, I won’t do it until the leak gets worse.

Here’s one other possibility - though it would really help folks if you could say where the puddle ends up - if you have ever had any dye added to your AC system as a leak detection you could be leaking refrigerant & oil from the A/C system. The green would come from the dye, and it would have to be quite a bad leak b/c I don’t really think this stuff can form puddles - pretty sure it just evaporates. But it couldn’t hurt to have someone check the refrigerant level or you can get a DIY kit for this at an AP store (though some say that you should never mess w/ the A/C if not trained).