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Stumped by 1983 BMW 5 Series

Hello, 1983 BMW 533i, recently replaced the alternator, and(not sure if related) the fuel level and temp gauge on dash stopped. for whatever reason the fuel level gauge began working. Checked all fuses(zero corrosion) and relays, connections and grounds, I’m stumped. Thanks for any ideas, Anthony

I’d replace the relevant fuses, just in case. So right now the problem is a non working temp gauge?

Yes the temp gauge is the only issue(both gauges always worked perfectly prior)

Thanks, good advice on the fuse, sometimes they look ok, but are actually bad(I should have tried)

regards, Anthony

Did they stop working immediately upon replacing the alternator? Put the old one back in there and see if they work again. It could be as simple as you got a defective alternator that is causing gremlins.

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