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Stuck trying to remove camber adjust bolt on rear lower control arm

I’m very stuck in replacing my rear lower support arm because I cannot figure out how to remove the camber adjust bolt and also the stud next to it, both are froze inside of the bushings and are putting my project at a standstill (upload://57SGnvsCFrLgPbdfR21rC9waGa8.jpeg)

Your picture doesn’t seem to have loaded.

It would really help the quality of answers if you told us what kind of car you are working on, what bolt you are trying to remove and tell us if it is stuck because of rust or if you just don’t know how it comes loose.

Take a look at the link below. Is your configuration similar to this? If so then removing the bolt is probably just a matter of applying some rust-dissolving penetrant on the threads letting it sit overnight.

Here’s how to remove a stud from a threaded hole