Stuck tachometer, or a real problem?

I’m pretty sure my tachometer is just stuck, but I was hoping someone could help me determine if that’s the only problem. I mean, I really don’t think my car is always running at 6000 rpms. If it were I imagine the engine would be revved constantly and it would eventually start to overheat. Neither of these things happen…except sometimes I think its revved up a bit too much, but I think that just might be in my head. Occassionally the tach works just fine, but it usually sticks somewhere between 4000-7000. Sometimes it even sticks way off the dial. If it is stuck, how can I fix it? By the way, it’s a 2003 Chevy Cavalier with about 38,000 miles. Thanks!

This should be easy to tell. If the engine RPM’s go up or down but the needle stays the same then it’s stuck. 6000 rpms in 5th gear and you should be traveling about 100mph.

Personally I think a tach is a worthless guage. I see no practical use for it in a non-race car. Especially an automatic.

It serves no useful purpose. Have it disconnected or ignore it.

Dear Stuck:

I have an '03 cavalier. and when I 1st had it new, the speedometer wouldn’t move. I had the VSS(Vehicle Speed Sensor) replaced. I haven’t had any problems with my tach in my 5spd. I assume yours is a 5 also??? Some auto Cavaliers I have seen have a tach too. Just asking…Good luck!