Stuck spark plugs

I have a '63 Buick Wildcat that has been sitting for 17 years. It has 2 spark plugs stuck in the motor. I got the other 6 out with liquid wrench. The other 2 have been soaking in liquid wrench for 2 weeks and I have been using a 3/8 drive spark plug socket, but still unable to get them out. Any suggestions on how to get them out?

Sometimes running the engine until it is hot, then turning the engine off and immediately wrapping the base of the plug with a wet rag for a minute will break the rust loose.

There is a new product I saw at AutoZone called FreezeOut or something like that. It is a penetrating oil that freezes when sprayed on a stuck bolt (or spark plug) to cause a thermal shock and then the oil penetrates quickly.

After that, you could try a 1/2" drive socket with a long breaker bar.

After that, you could try a 1/2" drive socket with a long breaker bar.

Correct solution…

Soak then with PB Blast.

PB Blaster.

PB Blaster overnight then use a piece of pipe over your breaker bar and turn very slowly.

What Have You Guys Got To Offer After A Long Breaker Bar Or Pipe Extension Results In The Spark Plug Breaking Off ?


I have had much better luck with an impact wrench compared to breaker bars and shear force when removing seized bolts and spark plugs.

And on occasion it has been helpful to break off the spark plugs ceramic top to get better access to heating, cooling, lubricating and turning.

I Agree With Rod. Some Controlled Vibration Works Well On Rusted/Stuck Threads Better Than Brute Force Twisting.

His mention of " . . . heating, cooling, lubricating and turning." is good, too.
Breaking off the top, as he suggests, makes more sense than risking breaking the plug off at the threads.