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Stuck glove box door

We have a nice 2011 Ford E350 12 passenger van that we are ready to sell. Two problems: The neighbor boy that has a mobile detailing company did a fantastic job cleaning out 3 years of dirt from our big family. However, I wasn’t home when he was done and now we can’t find the key with the remote. He said he left it in the van. I went online to order one and realized I didn’t know exactly which engine number it had. The second problem is that I can’t open the glove box to look at the manual because my dainty dancer daughter’s knee collided with the hinge when she tripped climbing in and now it is stuck. So I have a very clean large vehicle on my driveway that I would really like to sell but I would like to have a functional glove box and a remote to give whomever would like to buy it. The rest of the car works great! Our mechanic friend kind of laughed when I told him but didn’t have any advice to offer. Any ideas?

A ford dealer should be able to make you a key based on the vin.

Actually you have two missing keys. Anyone looking at this is going to expect two sets of keys and a body shop can probably fix the glove box door that also needs to be working.

Can’t help you with the key except the guy needs to come back over and point out where exactly the key fob is. They don’t have legs. As far as the glove box, get aggressive with it and/or force it open then replace the latch, or leave it alone for someone else to deal with. It’s likely plastic so will break something in the process and the latch looks like its color coded. When I did mine I had a replacement in the right color from the junk yard.

The engine ID number is often posted on a sticker under the hood, with the emissions & tune-up specs. That’s a pretty nice looking van you got there, I expect you’ll have no trouble selling it. You might try a hair dryer (on low) to heat up the latch on the glove compartment lid a little, the thermal expansion of the plastic might be enough to allow you to open the latch and free up whatever is sticking.

A locksmith will usually provide and program new keys based on your vin number for about 2/3 the price of a dealer.