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Stuck gas and speedometer on 2015 Toyota Highlander

The gas gauge and speedometer on my 2015 Toyota Highlander (27K miles) occasionally stick at Empty (gas) and 0mph (speedometer). It seems to happen when it’s been sitting for over 24 hours. The gauges will eventually start to work, usually after I’ve driven 10–15 miles and stopped 1-2 times, which includes turning car off. Of course, this situation always corrects itself when I take it to the dealership to be checked out.
I welcome any comments on this before I return it to the dealership. It’s still under warranty.

Leave it at the dealer for 48 hours, tell them how to see it happen.

Really, that should be a warranty repair. Document the particulars as best you can, but like I tell my daughter, consider 1/2 tank time to get gas, 3/4 empty call it empty, wife is like The car says I can go another 50 miles, come on people, been to places another 50 miles will not provide a gas station :sparkler:.

Barky, these gages drop to zero when the engine is turned off no matter how much gas is in the tank. Having it stick at zero does not mean the owner is allowing the tank to go to empty.

Why do you say that? Warranty is years or mileage. I was off my warranty on most of my new vehicles after 1 year due to mileage.

2015 Toyota Highlander (27K miles)

I was guessing 3 years 30,000 mile warranty,

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Eh, procrastination makes the world go around

Driving on vapors is the only excitement in the life of some.

I missed the 27k miles. It still should be in warranty

There’s a method to my maddness

Kramer can vouch for that…

" It seems to happen when it’s been sitting for over 24 hours."

Let it sit at the dealers over the weekend?

Take some photos of the display when this problem is occurring. this will provide you with documentation of the problem for the dealership. If they tell you they can’t fix it b/c it never happens when they have the car, you can at least prove it was happening when you had the car, and that will give you an argument why the warranty should still cover it even when the warranty expires later on. I’m thinking you are probably going to need a replacement instrument cluster there OP.

Thanks for all the comments. I left it at dealership, along with detailed description of issue and a photo of malfunctioning speedometer and gas guage. Through they couldn’t replicate the gauge issue, they discovered an electronic control module that wasn’t working properly. Now waiting for the part. Repair includes removal of dash and instrument cluster.

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That happened on my Corolla. They change the electronic control module under warranty

That might fix the problems you had. See what happens when the part is replaced.

@FoDaddy, where is that ten cent gas, and is the sale still on? My daughter and her husband are near RVA today and tomorrow for a family reunion, then off to Lexington for a few days.

The ten cent gas was a result me cashing in some Kroger fuel points. Strangely I had enough to get the gas for free theoretically, But the pump only allowed a discount so that the gas would cost 9.9 cents a gallon, Probably because the discount is in ten cent increments.

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OK, we don’t have Kroger up here, but there are other grocery stores and gasoline chains with similar arrangements.

That Kroger card is well worth it for the gas fuel point’s. I save a lot of money on fuel.