Stuck Crank Pulley Bolt

How do I get a crankshaft pulley bolt unstock. I have tried an electric impact, an air impact with 120lbs. When I put a breaker bar on it the engine just turns. Is there any way to lock up the engine so I can replace my timing belt on my 1987 Honda Accord

SOMETIMES these bolts have left-hand threads…Try going the other way…One of the Honda experts will know for sure…To lock an engine, I have inserted three or four feet of cotton clothes line in through a spark-plug hole…

Don’t forget to take it out…

Remove one of the spark plugs. Rotate the engine so that piston is at the bottom of the cylinder. Take some nylon rope and fill the cylinder up thru the spark plug hole. Now turn the engine to compress the rope to lock the engine.

And it’s not a reverse thread bolt.


Tester is right about the bolt, but the engine runs reverse to most others so jamming the breaker bar handle into the frame and hitting the starter won’t work.

There is a hex shaped tool, with a handle, made for this. It fits in the crankshaft pulley. You use a 3/4 inch socket on the crankshaft bolt, and a 3 to 4 foot long breaker bar. To break the bolt loose, it seems to require 500 to 600 ft. lb. torque (haven’t measured it).

You learn something new every day. I thought all engines ran clockwise as you look at the front of the engine.

Thanks, Keith.

Thanks for your advice. I didn’t have to use it. I finally got a strap wrench to hold on the pulley. I will remember your for future issues with stopping a crank when the ring gear isn’t available.