Stuck at a crossroads

Hello- I am currently stuck trying to decide whether to buy a different car or stick with the one I’ve got and was wondering if anyone could lend some advice. I currently have a 2007 Honda Accord with 250,000 miles on it. It drives ok but has had some issues with battery life and electrical components, specifically the radio. The headlining is also falling. My dream car would be a Nissan d21, and I recently found a '97 for sale near me for $1800. The only issue is, it has 180,000 miles. Looking for some help from people who have owned these cars- if I bought the truck and sold my honda, would I be downgrading to a less reliable vehicle? Is it worth spending money on a car that’s got high mileage, or is 180,000 not significant for the ka24e. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

I don’t know your financial status but can you buy this D21 ( never called that in the US ) and trade your worn out Honda on a better vehicle . If you are planning to use the D21 as a daily driver that seems like a poor idea. Parts are really going to be a problem for that truck .

It shouldn’t be hard to find parts for a Nissan Hardbody, they made millions of them, many still in use.

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It would be my daily driver to and from work until July, however I only work 3 miles away from where I live. In July I’m moving to a campus where I would be able to bike to school and work and just use a car for grocery store trips.

Here in the states it was called a “Nissan Hardbody”

Far as I know the KA24E SOHC 12 valve 140 hp engine was only used for 2 years '89-'90

The KA24DE DOHC 16 valve 155 hp engine was used from '91-98, a very reliable engine.

But with any vehicle that old and mileage, previous maintenance is the key

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Since they were so popular I was hoping that it would be easy enough to find a mechanic that could work on them, too. My concern is just how much time its going to spend in the shop considering its age and mileage.

It’s an aged high mileage car so no one on planet Earth could even hazard a guess as to whether or not it will even be mildly reliable. The same applies to any aged high mileage car no matter the make and model.


Regular or extended cab? 4WD or 2WD? Presumably a manual transmission, so you go that going for you. 1997 should be no problem, that’s newer than both of my vehicles . As posted above, the prior use & adherence to the routine maintenance schedule is what will make or break the deal. Make sure to pay your own mechanic to do a pre-purchase inspection before writing any checks. Best of luck.

I don’t want to make anyone mad, but I would expect trading a 250K model for a 180K model is going to get you much except a possible headache and check book drain. Plus I’m not sure Nissan anymore is a good bet. You’re gonna have to face reality though that you will need a newer vehicle at some point in the future. Sure I got 300-500K on mine but did a lot of work on them to get there. 250K is starting to get to the upper limit.


I think parts might be more readily available for your Honda Accord. If something goes wrong with the Honda, it might not have the downtime waiting for parts while the 23 year old Nissan might be laid up if it’s some part unique to that model.

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The KA24DE was a 16 valve engine. 6 valves per cylinder would be very exotic though. :slight_smile:

Yes, probably.

It’s not worth it, 180,000 miles is significant, a disqualifier.

This sounds like a case of new/different car fever. It will pass if you resist.

What kind of issues with “battery life” ?
Which electrical components, specifically, other than the radio?

You can remedy the sagging/falling headliner and possibly get a radio from salvage. This stuff is minor!

If these are the problems leading you to consider a different old car then you should consider that you are fortunate not to have major problems with engine, transmission, over-heating, etcetera.

I think it’d behoove you to dance with the one who brought you (07 Honda) as long as it is running and save as much as possible to put toward a future purchase of some newer, lower mileage iron.

Tough it out! Appreciate what you’ve got. Be a saver. Fall in love again with the one who brought you!
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Know idea how I came up with 24.

You can’t do it unless the number is two … :wink:

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Keep the Honda until something big fails, like the engine or transmission. 6 miles a day for 3 months is about 120 miles of commuting. Keeping it is a low risk IMO.

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