Stuck aluminum head

i have a 1998 ford escort. well what i have figured out so far is that one of the valves are bent or something becase i cant complete a full 360 rotation. well i went to pull the head off the block. well during that process one of the head bolts broke about a 2" piece the bolts on this motor are 5" but the head is like siezed on to the block. anyone have anysuggestions on how to get the head off with out ruining the head?

Sometimes it requires prying up on a feature of the head casting to break the bond between the head and head gasket.


wount that ruin the head or block becase its aluminum? also would hitting it with a dead blow hammer work?

That aluminum head is a lot tougher than you think. A dead blow hammer might work, but I find prying up on the head with a pry bar works the best.


How about trying an “easy-out” on the broken bolt?

should i take the broken bolt out before i take the head out?

You would have to cut the stud off flush with the block to use a easy-out and that piece of the bolt sticking out is the best thing you have going for you. That left over piece is what you are going to grab onto to wiggle the rest out.

Easy-outs are the most incorrectly named tool in the box. Using one sucessfuly is anything but easy.

Take the head the rest of the way off before working on getting the bolt out, there is no part of the bolt that is preventing the head from comming off, correct? you just have to lift the head up a little higher that’s all.

With the cam or rockers off, the valves should all be closed and the engine free to turn over…Crank it a few turns and compression should pop it loose. If it won’t turn over with all the valves closed, why waste your time trying to take the head off?? Start looking for a replacement engine…

You should avoid an Easy Out (EZ Out or whatever).
Break one of those off (quite likely) and then you’re really up the creek.

Assuming all of the head bolts are out, no bracket bolts overlooked, etc. then I gree with Caddyman. Bump the starter and it should pop loose; hopefully.

Once disassembled, if any of the pistons have any nicks in them then you should use a Dremel, small file, etc. and gently remove any sharp edges on those nicks. Failure to do so can cause hot spots and detonation when the engine is running.