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One of the three bolts of one of my struts is sheared off flush on the strut housing. I suspect it was overtorqued. Anybody know any other way this would have happened? I swear I didn’t take a hammer to it.

could be overtorqued, yeah, likely. But the quality control on the bolt manufacturer might have been lax, and if so it could have busted under normal torque. Anyway, the problem now is to remove it, by drilling a hole in it, and inserting an easy out. then replace it, and torque to spec. just like all the other bolts that still hold your struts in place.

thanks very much. I will take a look at doing this.

Are these ‘bolts’ or ‘studs’? The ones I’m familliar with are studs, with nuts on them. If that’s the case, you have a bigger problem to fix it, likely requiring removal of the strut. Was it worked on recently?

hey, good point texas. To remove a stud, it need to be pounded out, or pressed out, and yeah the easy out route wont do the trick.

They look like bolts, but you’re probably correct. When you look under the hood, there are three “bolts” sticking up from the wheel well, with nuts on them. That is what is sheared off flush. I will try to attach a photo. Thanks.

Also, they were installed 7 months ago. I have had a couple of oil changes, otherwise, no one has been working under the hood.

Whoever installed the struts over-torqued the strut nut and snapped off the upper strut bearing stud. This can only be repaired by installing a new upper strut bearing. Take it to whoever installed the struts and tell them you want a new strut bearing installed on their dime.


Thanks to all who helped. I went to Avi’s (Farmington Hills, Mich), a shop recommended on the site, and he was able to replace the strut. Good shop, good work, good price.