Strut problems w/ Bilstein 5100

Got around to trying to get my new 5100s installed on my 2006 dodge ram 1500 and am now having this issue. Anybody know what might be my problem and how I can go about fixing it?

put the stock strut assy next to the new assy. what looks different?

Nothing that I noticed. I pulled monroe quickstrut out of it. I was able to show bilstein these pictures and was told I must use oem seats and coil spring. So I’m trying to find some old ones somewhere

looks to me like the spring might be crooked . . . ?

Sure is. I figured out what was wrong, but to get all the oem strut parts I might as well buy different strut assemblies.

Is there a reason why you pulled the Monroe quick strut out . . . ?!

Worn out, leaking, or you’re just not a fan of Monroe . . . ?!

While I agree Monroe isn’t exactly sporty or exciting, I haven’t run into any problems with the parts not fitting correctly

Are you going for stock ride height and handling?

I didnt know it was Monroe until it was already out, I thought they were still stock struts. But the driver side was shot, I could hear it when backing out of my driveway, and confirmed when I pulled the shock out. The only other thing that was wrong was the Monroe spring seats and coil spring don’t work with the shocks I was putting in, you have to use oem parts and I didnt know they were not oem

Dont want stock, going for 2" level